Inspired by the Lady of All ‘Nefer’ brings you the royalty of ancient Pharaohs. We present you the legacy of Nefertiti as an arrival of the most beautiful woman. A tribute to the queen who left a mark on history through her beauty and power. A collection to make you feel like a woman of substance and class.

Handcrafted luxury intertwined with comfort this collection is a representation of a woman’s style with timeless couture craftmanship. Nefer is our reverence to the Land of Nile, the silhouettes in this collection feature techniques like draping, pleating & gathers with crystal & pearl embellishments gilded on the metallic foiled fabrics for a sensuous yet regal look.

The collection comprises of numerous styles such as metallic Gowns, Kaftans, metallic short dresses along with co-ord sets using fine textured satin. Metallic foiled Lycra and crepe. The golden metallic hues with the constructive yet free silhouettes, an infusion of grace and luxury reflecting the eternal medley of ancient Egypt.


Inspired by the Greek goddess of rainbow the collection is an epitome of grace and free will. Embracing elegance and feminity this range consists of timeless luxury with a tinch of glee. The collection has been custom designed keeping in consideration for women across different age groups and body profiles.

The garments feature techniques such as ruching, pleating and gathering along with detailed hand embellishments to create iconic silhouettes. With extensive use of Organza, Georgette andTulle the fabrics used are luxurious and rich for seamless and free flowing outfits.

Eternal Winter

Inspired by the iconic fashion figures like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Merilyn Monroe

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